Patio Awning – Protect Your Patio

Patio Awning – Protect Your Patio And Prolong The Life of Your Belongings

A Patio is the perfect way to improve the quality of your home for many reasons; you could host a party, or you could have a barbecue, host a get together, or anything else that you might want to do on your back porch. But what happens if you do all the planning for big events only for it to rain on your party or your big get together? This could truly ruin the entire event that you spend so much time getting ready for, and a patio awning can truly save tragedies such as this from happening, and are perfect for protecting your patio and prolonging the life of your belongings. There are numerous different types of awnings when choosing a patio awning, and they all will fall into numerous budgets, which makes it simple for you to decide which one is the best for you.

The first type of patio awning would just be a typical canopy type awning, which would have to be put up and taken down each time that you need to use it. The main benefit of this type of patio awning is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be bought in various sizes, which helps to accommodate many different events. The downfall to this type of patio awning of course is the fact that you have to set up and break down each time that you need to use it, along with the fact that leaving it up all the time could result in it being damaged by the weather.

More About Patio Awnings

The second type of patio awning is arguably the most popular, and is known as a retractable patio awning. These retractable patio awnings can be bought in all different sizes to accommodate many different patios, but the difference is that they are able to be extended and can then be retracted. What this means is that you’ll be able to shelter all of your guests against the elements of the weather when you need to, and then you’d be able to retract it back to let in a little bit of sun whenever necessary. There are some retractable awnings that may even be motorized, meaning that you can extend and retract your patio awning with just a simple click of a button.

A patio awning is a great way to protect your patio and prolong the life of all of your belongings, as well as be sure that your events will always happen no matter what Mother Nature may bring you in terms of the weather. We highly recommend a patio awning.

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Durham NC Aluminum Awning Installation

When it comes to creating a functional outdoor living space, the most intelligent approach is to cover an existing deck or patio with an aluminum awning. Take for example this brick home located in Durham County, NC – The customer utilized their already useful outdoor deck, and transformed it into a shaded, rain sheltered living space the entire family can enjoy!  the railing are constructed of a tough vinyl material and the down spouts provide adequate drainage. The lightweight aluminum awning is a rigid structure that will not fade or tear like a canvas awning.

If you are located in Durham County, NC give Aluminum Awnings of the Carolinas a call today for a free on-site estimate. You can reach them at 828-217-3553 or send them an email. There are plenty of satisfied clients and many more exciting  projects to come!

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Custom Built Aluminum Carport

aluminum-carport-installationWe recently installed a custom aluminum carport for a customer. It was essentially 2 jobs in one, as there was an entrance awning to be built as well. This carport was built in Hickory, NC and we have had numerous satisfied customers from this area.

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Meet Company Owner / Operator Dave Hammer

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Custom Aluminum Screen Room

aluminum-custom-screen-room1 aluminum-custom-screen-room-3 aluminum-screen-room4aluminum-screen-room2
When it comes to custom aluminum screen rooms, we offer unbeatable quality at an affordable price. Our screen rooms are built under or trademark aluminum awnings, and we take the necessary time do make sure everything is installed correctly.

Custom Screen Room Installation in Charlotte NC

Aluminum Awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas have been serving the Charlotte area since starting business nearly a decade ago. This beautiful house located just west of Charlotte NC now includes this relaxing space thanks to a new custom aluminum screen room. The family can visit and entertain guests without being harassed by any insects or critters. A screen room can make a nice addition to a patio, deck, or concrete slab. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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Lake Norman Awning Installation

Lake Norman AwningWe have been doing quite a few Aluminum Awning installations in the Lake Norman area this year. This customer wanted to cover his back deck area that was already being used as a relaxing outdoor space.  We had to make a 90 degree corner along the mounting edge of the house itself to accommodate the protruding sliding glass door.  The supports were attached directly to the deck railing as they were properly built and sturdy.

Aluminum Awning Close UpYou can see here in the close up photo just how the aluminum awning attaches to the home. The white colored aluminum matches nicely with the existing vinyl windows and trim.  The floating channel of aluminum in the center of the awning can be outfitted with an outdoor ceiling fan. This deck is now sheltered nicely from and rain or intense sun that will provide many comfortable days for this Lake Norman home and the entire family.

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Metal Awning for Outdoor Hot Water Heater

Aluminum Awning Over Hot Water HeaterThis commercial aluminum awning was installed near Statesville, NC and specifically intended to protect an outdoor hot water heater. The Awning was anchored on one side by the brick building, and by 3 vertical support beams on the outside. The awning & hot water heater reside on a concrete slab.

The entire project only required about 4 hours to complete. Everything went smooth and the client was very satisfied with the result.

Serving Statesville NC

We have completed several aluminum awning projects in the Statesville NC area, and certainly hope to see more in the near future! If you or someone you know lives in the Statesville area and may be interested in an aluminum awning for their business or home, please contact us today for a free estimate!

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Large Commercial Aluminum Awning Installation

large-commercial-awning-1 large-commercial-aluminum-awning-2


Very Large Commercial Aluminum Awning Installation

We took a few pictures of this large metal awning installation progressed from start to finish. The Awning measured approximately 15′ high from the ground.  All 9 vertical support beams were cemented into the concrete slab. This installation was contracted in Mooresville, NC and the business was very pleased with the delivered product. It covered the specified area and was cost effective to meet their budget.

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Cracker Jack Carport?!?

Metal Carport Wind Damage Thinking about investing in an aluminum carport? Make sure you do your homework and choose wisely. Cheaper = Cheaper. Our professionally installed carports are anchored into the ground and are supported with channel design beams. Our metal Carports also feature rain drainage systems and flexible height capability.

Custom Built Aluminum Carports

Custom built Aluminum CarportsIt doesn’t take an expert to realize how much stronger and better our aluminum carports are than some of the wimpy metal carports available to the public. We stand behind our products and our customers will tell you the same. Contact us today for your free estimate and on-site consultation.

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Camper Parking with an Aluminum Cover

RV Camper Aluminum CarportWe ran into this unique situation in Simpsonville, SC when a customer requested a custom aluminum carport for his large RV. He had an existing garage constructed from cinder blocks, and wanted a solid cover to attach on the side of the building.  We had the perfect solution that would meet his requirements and his budget.  This aluminum carport measured approximately 10 feet from the ground and included the necesary built in rain drainage system with gutters and down spouts.

After installing this custom aluminum carport in Simpsonville, SC we realized how effective this application is for the money.  The owner can now park his RV under the aluminum carport with enough clearance on the sides and top.  This aluminum carport protects the RV from rain and other elements, while not tying up valuable space inside the building.  A free standing aluminum carport also provides easy entry and departure.  This is a great example of how our flexible aluminum patio covers and awnings allow us to build the perfect aluminum awning or aluminum carport to meet your needs.


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