Cockburn Screenroom Raleigh NC

Last week we also installed a screen-room on the Cockburn residence in Raleigh NC. The screen room was 23 feet wide and 15 feet projection. It attached directly to the concrete pad using 4 inch tap-con concrete anchor. We used .032 flat pan style panels  to span 14 feet to the screen wall then 1 foot overhang all around. We also installed 2 doors so that the Cockburns can enter the screen room from their backdoor and from the side leading to a gate in the fence around their yard. We installed it at a height of 8 feet 6 inches to allow for a ceiling fan. The awning attached to the side of the house using lag bolts into the wall studs. We used silicon caulk in between the awning and vinyl siding to ensure a waterproof seal so that no water ever runs down the back wall. The Cockburns were very happy with our work and seemed to be sure we would be doing other awning projects in the Raleigh neighborhood. Another quality job by Aluminum Awnings.

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