Aluminum Awnings in Asheville, NC

Aluminum Awnings in Asheville, NCIf you are located in the western region of North Carolina, especially in Asheville, NC and you are looking for an aluminum awning for your home or business, you just hit paydirt.  Aluminum Awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas serves Asheville, NC and surrounding areas.  We provide residential and commercial aluminum awnings for every application.  Custom patio and deck awnings are our specialty.  We also do aluminum screen rooms that create an outdoor oasis protected form those pesky insects and critters.

An aluminum awning is a great investment for any homeowner looking to utilize their outdoor living space.  Shelter yourself and your personal items from mother nature.  Asheville, NC awnings and screen rooms are becoming more popular these days.  Low maintenance and great visual appeal make them an easy decision when compared to alternative materials.  There is no reason to wait any longer, call us today at 828-217-3553 to inquire about your new aluminum awning and schedule a free on-site estimate.

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Awning in Durham, NC

Awning in Durham, NCNo matter how big or how small the awning, Aluminum Awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas will deliver the goods.  This patio awning job located near Durham, NC was a relatively small aluminum awning.  The patio awning did have an “L” shape design and required a decent amount of cuts to install properly.  The house that was in Durham, NC was finished with a brown colored vinyl siding, and white trim. I must say, the finished aluminum awning looked very sharp  mated with this color scheme.

Durham, NC is a very busy area, and this location was off the beaten path. The customer was rather friendly and was open to our suggestions and recommendations. They wanted to keep it simple and quaint, while providing enough sheltered are that they could enjoy the area. The patio awning was to be finished within a 3 week time period, which was attainable under normal circumstances.

We were able to get this awning up in one day and everything went smoothly. Sometimes aluminum awnings can require concrete footers, building modifications, or even special permits. This aluminum deck or patio awning in Durham, NC was installed without a hitch and the customer was very satisfied with the finished product. If you live in our around the Durham, NC area and are interested in an aluminum awning, contact us today for your free on-site estimate at 828-217-3553.

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Aluminum Awning Service in Wake Forest

Patio Awning Wake ForestOn a side note, Wake Forest is an area in North Carolina that we are hoping to install a few aluminum awnings in the near future.  Wake forest is a booming community with plenty of business and successful establishments.  While its located in close proximity to Raleigh and Durham, the Wake Forest area has its own unique identity.  Wake Forest is closer to Forestville, Youngsville, and Falls Lake.  Plenty of population and beautiful homes, this bustling residential and commercial area is sure to cross paths with Aluminum Awnings of the Carolinas soon enough.  We are looking forward to serving the Wake Forest, NC area!

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Pinehurst, NC Patio Awning

Aluminum Patio Awning - Pinehurst, NCWe haven’t had many aluminum awning requests in the Pinehurst, NC area up until this year.  More and more costumers are finding our website while researching patio awnings and deck covers on the internet.  This is great because Aluminum Awnings & underdecking of the Carolinas is becoming the absolute standard for metal awnings across the entire central east coast.

This customer was looking for an aesthetically appealing patio awning for a concrete area just outside his backdoor entrance.  the customer’s residence was finished with vinyl siding and our aluminum awnings look really good when attached to a house with vinyl siding.  Not only does the aluminum awning look and function well, it is sure to be a lasting investment for this satisfied client in Pinehurst, NC.

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Aluminum Awning – Anderson, SC

Small Aluminum Awning - Anderson, SCAluminum Underdecking of the Carolinas will take on any job regardless how big or in this case, how small!  This job was required a rather small doorway entrance aluminum awning, supported by top mounted braces.  The brick building is typical for commercial applications, and we have specialized anchor bolts specially designed to carry the load.  Anderson, SC is getting to be a popular work area for our aluminum awning and patio awning business. Metal awnings provide the stability and long lasting shelter from the elements that customers are searching for. If you live in Anderson, SC or even the surrounding areas including Greenwood, SC give us a call today for your free on-site awning estimate.

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Lake Hickory NC Awning

Lake Hickory NC Awning

Recently, we received a call from a customer living on Lake Hickory, NC that was interested in an aluminum awning for their deck.  We made the short drive over to the residence and immediately started taking some measurements.  The customer had plenty of important questions regarding mounting points and awning weight.  It didn’t take long before we were arranging to have the materials brought to the site.

On build day, the weather looked like it might not cooperate at first, but luckily the rain held of and we got to work.  This particular aluminum awning in Hickory had several cuts and angles we had to calculate before installing.  Once we we able to get the vertical supports mounted the project really started to flow.  As you can see, the aluminum awning turned out great and the customer was very pleased.  We are happy to serve Hickory, NC.

The season is really starting to pick up as the weather gets nicer, more awnings go up!  Stay tuned for more awning projects.


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Cockburn Screenroom Raleigh NC

Last week we also installed a screen-room on the Cockburn residence in Raleigh NC. The screen room was 23 feet wide and 15 feet projection. It attached directly to the concrete pad using 4 inch tap-con concrete anchor. We used .032 flat pan style panels  to span 14 feet to the screen wall then 1 foot overhang all around. We also installed 2 doors so that the Cockburns can enter the screen room from their backdoor and from the side leading to a gate in the fence around their yard. We installed it at a height of 8 feet 6 inches to allow for a ceiling fan. The awning attached to the side of the house using lag bolts into the wall studs. We used silicon caulk in between the awning and vinyl siding to ensure a waterproof seal so that no water ever runs down the back wall. The Cockburns were very happy with our work and seemed to be sure we would be doing other awning projects in the Raleigh neighborhood. Another quality job by Aluminum Awnings.

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Burris Screenroom In Greensboro NC

Last week we installed a screenroom on the Burris residence in Whitsett NC which is between Greensboro and Burlington. The awning is 16 feet wide and 15 feet projection. We used .032 panels to be able to span 14 feet to the screenroom wall and 1 foot of overhang all around. We installed 2 screen doors so the Burrises can move in and out of it from either side of their yard. The awning was installed 8 feet high so that they can install a celing fan at a later date. This marks the first time we have installed a screen room in the winter, but they wanted one and we were able to install in two days. Another quality job by aluminum awnings.

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Spencer Road Misssionary Baptist Church Walkway Cover

This week we installed a W-pan style awning over the handicapped walkway at Spencer road baptist church in Conover NC. The awning was over 80 feet long and projected an average of 6 feet 6 inches. We custom fit the awning to “step in and out” to follow the wall and give one foot of over hang at the front. The awning also extended past the end of the building to cover the walkway leading out to the parking lot so that when its raining women can be dropped off at the end of the awning and walk into church without getting their hair wet! Many thanks to pastor Rick Fox for all his help in getting this underway. Praise the Lord for allowing us to work for such wonderful people. Another quality job by aluminum awnings.

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Foreman awning with handrail Morganton NC

This week we installed a w-pan style aluminum awning on the Foreman house in Morganton N.C., near lake james. We also installed handrail inbetween the awning post to create a very finished look. Ms. Foreman was very happy with the awning and cant wait to sit under it when it rains and in the summer heat. We cut the gutter and attached the awning to the facer board by lag screwing the awning into the house roof trusses. When we were finished we flashed under the shingles to keep water from ever running down behing the awning. Another quality job by Aluminum Awnings.

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