Under Decking Installation

What is Aluminum Under Decking?

Our innovative under decking creates outdoor living space with the overlooked area below your deck. The tailor-fit under decking attaches to the underside of elevated decks turning the area below into a clean, dry, and bright space. Under decking is a very inexpensive way to turn the area underneath your existing deck into a great outdoor retreat.

Under decking is a maintenance free aluminum ceiling drainage system that attaches to the underside of your second level deck. It will return the once dark, dingy catch-all storage space for grass clippings and other debris to a dry, bright, clean area that family and friends can enjoy for years to come. Reclaim the space beneath your deck with aluminum underdecking. It will be the most economical and valuable addition to your home’s square footage. Underdecking is a simple, attractive and functional solution to the age old problem of stopping the drips beneath your deck. Your patio furniture will remain clean and last forever.

Commercial Awning Contractor

You can include lights, fans and plants into your aluminum under decking design. Many people even choose to screen in the area under their deck due to the increased time they spend in their newly created outdoor living area.